People of Romsey – Lifting Spirits Project

Who has lifted your spirits in Romsey? 

Local photographer Jo Worthington, Jo Worthington Photography, has begun a project focusing on those who have kept you going through these trying times. The project ‘People of Romsey – Lifting Spirits’ aims to showcase through a series of photos, those who have gone above and beyond in Romsey during national lockdown restrictions. 

“I need your help Romsey friends! I am working on a very exciting personal photography project called People of Romsey – Lifting Spirits
I would love it if you could let me know who has gone above and beyond during lockdown and the pandemic.
Who has lifted your spirits, got you out of a rut, helped you and/or inspired you?
I am looking for people to feature in my photography project and they will be rewarded with the photos afterwards.” – Jo

The project covers Romsey and the surrounding villages. If you would like to nominate your special someone please fill out the nominations form below.